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Skippered Yacht Charter 

Relying on a Skippered Yacht Charter Instead of Boating Yourself

If you have a big group you want to impress with your boat, it may seem logical to work out all the details and planning yourself, run the event, steer the boat and manage all the functions. But here’s the problem – you’re not enjoying the trip yourself with your group. Instead, you’re distracted; you’re working as a provider instead of being a host. So why not use a skippered yacht charter instead? You can focus on being a gracious host to your group, engage with your guests, and actually take something from the trip instead of being exhausted at the end and missing the whole point in the first place. Onshore Marine can take care of your skippered yacht charter and all the related details. You, on the other hand, can focus on relaxing and being involved with your group for a change, enjoying the difference of a chartered yacht trip without the stress of managing it.
Enjoying the Advantages of a Luxury Yacht Charter
There is something to be said about being catered and taken care of. It’s really, fundamentally about putting your trust in a professional and expert to take care of you on a boat trip, and not worrying about the details but instead completely letting loose and enjoying yourself. This is the goal Onshore Marine has when it takes on your luxury yacht charter assignment, to give a customer the fullest extent of care and boating enjoyment without the concerns, stress, anxiety and frustration of the work it takes to make it happen. That’s our job; that’s why we’re hired for a charter. The guest’s role is to let us take care of you on a boating venture the way you’ve always wanted. It was why you got into boating in the first place, to be on the ocean and be involved with it instead of trying to work the ocean to a purpose.

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